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As a Not-For-Profit Club, fundraising is an integral aspect to the ongoing success of the Elora & District Skating Club.  Because registration fees do NOT completely cover the cost of operating the club, we rely heavily on fundraising.  Fundraising helps cover the cost of a variety of Skating Club activities, including ice rental fees, professional coaching, skater badges, and program equipment.


Each club member is required to complete mandatory fundraising as part of their program registration or pay a fee in lieu of fundraising.  Without each and every skating family’s participation the Club would not be able to continue to operate.    


For each fundraising fee charged per family per session our families will receive a book of Skate Ontario raffle tickets (for great prizes) that can be sold for $2.00 a ticket.  By selling these tickets to family and friends skaters can completely recoup their mandatory fundraising fee.  Behind the scenes the volunteer Board of Directors have run various other fundraisers like selling 50/50 tickets and participating in Bingo. We will also offer a few additional optional fundraisers throughout the season such as Harriston Meat orders and Little Caesar's Pizza.


We want to make it fair and equal to all families  and therefore nobody CanSkate and up are exempt from fundraising.  Without these efforts we would either have to make the fees for each family much higher or alternatively close down the Club.  We appreciate that families tire of the constant barrage from schools and other Clubs but it is a reality of the Club.  We thank you in advance for your support and understanding!

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