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Skate Ontario's Club of the Year 2021!

Wondering why this little boutique skating club in Elora, Ontario was selected as Skate Ontario's Club of the Year, especially during Covid... the answer is easy.... we love to skate!

It starts with a dedicated Board of volunteers who are relentless in their commitment to not only providing exceptional skating programming, but to ensuring that every skater is having fun, feels included and is reaching for their personal skating goals. From learning to skate for fun to competitive figure skating and everything in between our Board members work with our coaches, families and skaters to help the skater reach their goal.

Then add a touch of resilience. When Covid restrictions became too overwhelming for many organizations, the Elora & District Skating Club Board members and Coaches dug deep, put in hundreds of hours and many restless nights coming up with programming options that were enjoyable, as safe as possible and kept costs to skaters low during this difficult time for families.

The next step is to go above and beyond and this club certainly does that! From live performance nights that are streamed around the globe and good old fashioned end of year carnivals to special guest coaches from the Olympics, there is nothing this club won't do for fun!

The Elora & District Skating Club has been around for 75 years and continues to be a boutique skating club whose focus is not on how many skaters it can have join the club but on quality and flexible programming for all members. We are a not for profit organization, we are not here to make money, simply cover the costs of providing an exceptional skating program.

The biggest of thank you's to our devoted volunteers, coaches, families and skaters. You make Elora (and Fergus) proud!


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